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    Internet Consultant at Chennai

    R.Venkatachalam, Internet Consultant at Chennai, India  offers  consultancy, website development and promotional services to help enterprising people run their own business online. He started Consulting from January 2000.

     With experience of more than 30 years in software development and training, he has developed a variety of websites ranging from simple brochure websites to fully automated  websites.

    The vision is "Enterprising people running their business online".

    The mission is to
    "Help Companies and Professionals in making best use of the Internet tools
    to conduct their Business in a Client friendly and Profitable way"

    I also provide Consultancy and services in Marketing.

    Visit my  website of Marketing Consultant



    Address: 183, Vinayaga Nagar, Kutchery Road, Mylapore,Chennai-4. Ph:24640793  
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