Consultancy for website creation, design and promotion  

Website creation

1.Domain name

Consultancy is offered on appropriate naming of the website, to make it  professional.

Domain extension represents the type of business or organisation. Consultancy is offered on what domain extensions need to be registered for protection of the brand name.

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2. Website hosting

Consultancy is offered various aspects of website hosting.

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3. Email ID 

Consultancy is availale for naming the Email ids  to make them simple, meaningful and purposeful.

Email management can be used with a local email client software, web interface or configured with online Email services like GMail.

Website Design

Website layout to be  user friendly so that people can  view the website pages faster and move around easily. The website will also have a consistent and predictable user interface.

Page layout that  must be acceptable to the visitors so that, the information is presented in a user-friendly manner. The web page must be easy to read and navigate.  

Home page layout must be an appropriate starting page by providing proper links to various important sections, summarized content, time sensitive information on the website. Having many links, the home page layout must be readable and not clumsy.

Facilities on website so that the  website must be interactive which means it must do something, instead of people simply reading the text.  The website becomes functional only when interactive facilities are incorporated by the use of web programming.

Website Promotion

Consultancy is available to know what tools are available  on-site (at the website ) for promotion including the use of