Terms and conditions

1. The Order is active only after the initial payment is realised.
2. Payment can be made in   Cash     upto Rs.5000 only or by

Cheque   from Rs. 500 onwards which is applicable to Chennai based Clients

or by Net banking for which the account details will be sent when needed

Cheque  to be drawn in favor of 
payable at Chennai.

3. Dishonored cheques
If Cheques are not honored, you will be charged Rs. 100 extra. In case the cheques are dishonored more than twice, the project will be suspended. Once the due payment is cleared, the project will be resumed.

4. Payment for website development
For Development services, the payment schedule will be given in the proposal itself. When the Client agrees to the proposal, the order is confirmed when the Advance payment is given.
I can email reminders for the next payment due ( if requested at the beginning) and any delay exceeding 1 month (unless otherwise mentioned) will result in suspension of the work. A new payment schedule will be agreed upon after the pending payment is cleared.

5. Client stopping the project
In case, the Client wants to stop the project, I should be informed by email followed by a written communication.
I cannot refund the paid amount for any reason. Hence, the client can discuss with me in advance to stop the project at a time when the work matching the paid amount is completed.
In case, the Client has to pay for the work so far completed, the project can be immediately stopped and the Client pay for the work completed.

6. Performance of website
I provide only services that are technical in nature and their performance can be easily measured.
I do NOT take responsibility for the Popularity or Sales performance of the website as that is solely dependent on the Client.

8. Presence of link on all pages/programs developed
A standard footer line indicating that the website was developed by me would be shown in all the  pages and programs on the website.
It will have a link to www.rvenkatachalam.com  and this line should not be removed.