eMarketing through website and internet tools

eMarketing through the various facilities and tools including the website, is a powerful method to promote the business website.

Advertisement creation

Advertisements in the form of text, pictures, slideshows or video can be used to advertise the product or service that the website deals with.
It is important that the advertisement be clear, concise and persuasive.

Newsletter or Ezine management

Creation of the Newsletter or Ezine either in the form of an eBook or eMail is based on the content.  The distribution and the management of the subscribers can be undertaken.

Email marketing

Email marketing helps to promote the products as well as sustain customers. Email is almost equivalent to paper based communication and hence it is useful to maintain long term relationship with people.

Popularising through online presence

A wide online presence of the website name, across wide range of media, helps to popularise the website. It helps the keep the website in the mind of the people. Moreover, the customers can interact in any of the media channel.

Now, presence in social media is important. Hence the company can use Facebook, Google plus, Youtube, Pinterest etc. so that it interacts with people with different media style and channels.

Search Engine Marketing

Search engine marketing  (SEM) is applicable only when the company wants to specially handle the customers who are searching for the product through the search engines. 
There are 2 methods to handle search engine customers.

a. Advertising on the search engine and pay for clicks or impressions. This is suitable for websites where products or services can be ordered online and the company is willing to pay for attracting the prospecting searchers to the website.

b. Organic SEO (search engine optimization) is the method where web pages are designed and optimized to get higher search engine ranking to attract the searchers. This is suitable when information is sought by people. This is a long-term promotional method.

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