Consultancy for Search Engine Marketing

Being a consultant, I offer Search Engine Marketing services from Chennai. A brief explanation on Search Engine Marketing is given so that enterprising people can learn about PPC Advertising and Organic SEO.

Search Engine Marketing (SEM)

Search engine marketing  (SEM) means the various tasks involved in the marketing of the website product specially for the search engine visitors.

Since people are daily searching for information, product details, prices etc., the search engine itself is a market. The website must cater to each search engine market separately as they are different  in the way they process the searches, advertisements etc.

There are 2 methods to handle the search engine market namely

Pay-per-click Advertising (PPC Advertising)

Paid advertisement campaings are created and the amount is agreed to be paid for each click (a visitor clicks the advertisement to get into the website) is set along with a daily budget.

The advertisements have to be optimized to be shown regularly and on priority than the competitors.

The campaigns can be paused temporarily on lean months and resumed.

PPC Advertising is more suitable to  websites where products or services can be ordered online and the company is willing to pay for receiving visitors.

The advantages are:

The disadvantages are:


Organic SEO (search engine optimization)

This is the method where web pages are designed and optimized to get higher search engine ranking to attract the searchers. This is suitable when information is sought by people. This is a long-term promotional method.

The keywords need to be selected that are more relevant and popular but sometimes it is better to use niche keywords.

Web pages need to be designed and optimized based on the search engine rules.

The rank of the web page for the keyword must be regularly monitored and the web page needs to be optimized repeatedly to sustain the rank.

This works for information oriented web pages than product pages.

The advantages are:


The disadvantages are:

Commercial websites can choose PPC Advertising for their product pages.
Websites that rely on information can try Organic SEO for long term presence.

Several steps have to be taken to undertake SEM.