Website automation

A website can be made to perform many tasks by programming it. Website development involves adding many software modules on the website. This makes the website interactive as well as perform various routine tasks automatically any time of the day. These routine tasks include accepting data, storing them, displaying them and emailing them.

Website automation through programming

Accepting information online is one important facility needed by website owners. Websites can be programmed to store the information and also send a copy by email to the website owner.

Information is the crucial element that is processed by any business website.  In the real world, most of the time is spent on paper work. This time and effort is saved when information is processed on the website.

Displaying  business information on the website is important since people come mainly to get information. The information can be stored in a database and by appropriate programming, the product or service related information can be displayed for the customers.

Automatic document despatch can be done through email to people who show interest in receiving information. This saves paper, time and money. Moreover, this also saves human effort as it can be implemented by website programming. The ideal examples would be ebrochure, price list, current special offers.

Order management plays an important role in business websites that allows online orders. The entire system of generating order number, collecting order details, storing them, and reporting them can be effectively implemented by programming the website.

Customer information management at the website helps the business owner and the customer to track and monitor the customer related details. Most websites provide a login facility for identification and security.

ASP and ASP.NET is used for programming as these technologies are available with all companies and work well with the popular database and other media.