Type of Websites

 The Internet being a powerful medium, I am concerned about the type of websites involved. The services are available to websites that provide services that are both legal and ethical. However, I have the right not to accept an order without providing a reason.

Type of Clients

I also believe in healthy business relationship between me and the Clients. So, I am very much concerned about the attitude and behaviour of the Client and their staff towards me & my staff. We would like to work with Friendly and Trustable clients.

Privacy of Data collected

The users submit their gender, name, email id when they download or become a member to the website. These details are used only by the website and not shared with anyone.

The website also uses Google Analytics to analyse the website traffic.  Please check the privacy policy of Google Analytics to know their policy and data collected by Google.  So, this website is not involved in the data that Google collects.


 I have tried to be as clear as possible in explaining my services. Clients are requested to clarify any aspects and not to assume any factor. My services are technical in nature and are easily measurable for their technical performance..

While promotional services increase the popularity of the website and may generate more enquiries or orders, the services are not meant to provide any direct sales related work. 

It is upto the business owner to handle their clients to bring in more income.