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My name is Venkatachalam and I have been offering consultancy and website
related services as Internet Consultant for the past 16 years, from January 2000.
As an Internet Consultant, I offer various Internet related services:

  • Consultancy on various online tools for doing business

  • Web site designing

  • Web Programming to develop database driven websites

  • Business presentation development

  • Advertising campaign on Google adwords, Bing, Facebook

  • Promotion through online classifieds advertisements

  • Top search engine rank using SEO for your webpage

I offer consultancy and software to practice Emarketing by integrating email, website and Search Engines to harness the power of the Internet.


Automating the routine tasks using a software either locally or on the website saves you lot  of effort, money and time. I recommend automating as much as possible.

 Integrating  your local data with the website can also help you, colleagues and customers in accessing the latest information anywhere and at any time outside your working place.

You can also update new information coming on the website on your local system by having a software to do the integration. I provide software for integration.

I also develop software applications, both windows and browser based.

I am available for developing course materials, study materials, CBT, writing books or ebooks and to conduct training sessions.

To get started on your online business, get my FREE eBook '7 steps to run a business website'.


Get  FREE e-book.
"7 steps to run
a business website"


R.Venkatachalam -Internet Consultant,
183, Vinayaga Nagar, Kutchery Road, Mylapore, Chennai,Tamilnadu 600004,INDIA
Phone: +91-44-24640793