Content, Function, Design is the right order in website development


 What is a website for?

  A website is a site, a location or a piece of cyber space, on the World Wide Web. It is a small space rented by you to be used for your personal or commercial purpose.

What are web pages?

Each web page is a document containing display elements like text, image, video along with some programming scripts to provide basic movement or function.

How content fulfills the basic purpose of a website?

The basic purpose is to provide information about a company and its products. Information is the resource that is most sought-after  by prospects and is preferred to be accessed fast and free. The ideal place is the website. 
The content of the web pages inclusive of text, image, sound, etc. fulfills the basic purpose of having a website. This is the crucial element of a website.

What is the functional part?

While the website provides information to be read, seen or heard, the web is not a static medium like a book. It can be programmed to do some functions.
Software,nowadays are provided online so that customers can access them from anywhere, anytime.
So, the website should also function as a business tool not just a brochure.

What is the design part?

Only when a website provides necessary information and functions as a tool, it fulfils the main purpose. Once these objectives are achieved, the next optional element is the appearance or design of the website.
The web pages are made to look pleasing to the eye with pleasant fonts, colors, graphical elements.

What is the right order of building the website?

First, the website must have the necessary information, the content.
Second, the website must be programmed to do routine tasks to act as a tool.
Third, the website can be designed to enhance its visual appeal.