Using Google PPC advertising for market research


What  is Google PPC Advertising?

Google is the No. 1 search engine. People use it every hour to search for almost anything.

Google provides an advertising system called Adwords. It  is a dynamic system where advetisements can be dynamically managed online. Multiple advertisements can be created for multiple keywords. They can be paused and resumed based on their performance.

An advertiser can create advertisements and target them for keywords, location. Google keeps showing the advertisements on  a rotation basis when people search using those keywords. Whenever a person clicks on the advertisement and gets into the web page, a certain amount is charged for it. This amount is already set by the advertiser. The advertiser is willing to pay this amount because  each visitor to the web page  has shown interest in the advertisement and clicked.

With a budget, an advertiser can also limit how much he is willing to spend on these clicks per day.

Who benefits most from Google PPC advertising ?

Websites that sell  anything online is the most suited ones for this type of advertising. For these websites, the sales setup is present on the website. The ordering system, payment system are present on the website.So, every visitor is important. But like real-life stores, they prefer qualified visitors so that the conversion rate is good.

The other type of websites are the ones who need enquiries. The basic purpose of advertising on other media is to generate enquiries. Google advertising is more suitable for receiving enquiries from prospects.

Both these type of website owners can fix a value to each prospective visitor to their website. Hence, they would be willing to pay a certain amount for each visitor. Once the advertising campaign is established,  the advvertisements will be performing well and consistent results can be seen. So, most of these sales oriented websites, will continue to run the advertising campaign.

Using Google PPC advertising for market research

Many small and medium companies develop websites to provide information and to generate enquiries. But they cannot afford to run a continuous advertising campaign. Moreover, they cannot afford to conduct a market research in the traditional method.

But this Search Advertising method is very useful to conduct a  market research.  Since the advertisements are targetted only to those who search for the products, a company can use this medium to find out the demographics and strength of the market. 

But, to do this, the advertising can be implemented for short-term only. Moreover, the advertising campaign must be created and optimized to compete with other competitors.
To implement this properly, professionals in PPC advertising must be involved. Otherwise, it would be very difficult to find out whether there is a scarcity of prospects  in the market or the fault is in the advertisements.

After seeing the results from the advertisements in the form of enquiries, the company can use alternate methods of  online promotion to have a wide online presence.

By doing this, a company receives 2 benefits. First  is conducting a quick market research for their product online. Second is the low cost of short term advertising thus avoiding regular expense.